Hon. James Lambden

California Court of Appeal, (Ret.)

First District, Division Two

​​Mediator • Arbitrator • Discovery Referee • Appellate Consultant

Justice James Lambden brings to his ADR practice nearly four decades of experience as a trial lawyer, trial court judge and Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeal.

Real Property

Representative Cases

  • Mediation of enforcement of judgment liens on real property holdings after attorney malpractice eliminated homestead exemption.

  • Mediation of claims for unpaid rent regarding several premises vacated during Covid pandemic.

  • Mediation of claims against sellers and brokers for failure to disclose defects in multi-unit commercial and residential properties.

  • Arbitration of dispute between tenant and HOA over parking-place allotments in condominium building.

  • Mediation of claims against HOA for mold remediation after water damage to high-rise condominiums. 

  • Mediation of dispute over ADA access to parking lot of adjoining property after construction of new building and parking area next door.

  • Appellate consultation.

  • Delayed construction of a million-dollar home. Issues involved permitting and non-disclosure with the threatened rescission.

  • Failure to disclose sewer problem before sale. Had to do a repair in the sale of real estate.

  • Claims for injunctive relief and damages under FEHA and Unruh Act by five disabled tenants arising from broken elevator.

  • Claims against property owners and their contractor after remodeling project compacted soil and cut roots of “heritage” trees on fence line resulting in their removal and replacement.

  • Landlord tenant dispute over sublease of portion of property for use by cannabis dispensary.

  • Claims by landlord for lost rent after city cancelled tenant’s permit to operate a bakery producing cannabis edible treats