Hon. James Lambden

California Court of Appeal, (Ret.)

First District, Division Two

​​Mediator • Arbitrator • Discovery Referee • Appellate Consultant

Justice James Lambden brings to his ADR practice nearly four decades of experience as a trial lawyer, trial court judge and Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeal.

Disability & Discrimination

Representative Cases

  • Discrimination claims against school district based on failure to adequately respond to bullying and name-calling of minority students.

  • Class action against national hotel chain based on extensive accessibility problems in numerous locations.

  • Class action involving accessibility claims against national operator of vending machines.

  • Wrongful termination claims of 55-year-old long-term employee who was fired from a bank and replaced by a younger employee based on technical violation of rules not regularly enforced.

  • Numerous claims for wrongful termination based on hostile work environment, whistleblowing, gender, and sexual orientation.

  • Access class action brought by disabled students against community college district.

  • Class action claims by blind restaurant patrons against restaurant chain.

  • Mediation of ADA claims against fitness/health clubs, retail stores, and restaurants.

  • ADA claims involving national hotel reservation system and local hotels with inadequate accessible rooms.

  • Due process appeals of administrative decisions regarding alleged failure of school districts to provide Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to qualified students.

  • Mediation of injunctive, damage and fee issues in ADA case involving fitness center and amputee.

  • Multi-day mediation of discrimination claims by graduate student with learning disability brought against university.

  • Mediation of ADA claims against hotel chain regarding internet and telephonic reservation system, adequacy of wheelchair access and code violations.

  • Dispute involving ADA claims by disabled patient against county hospital for difficulty faced in navigating phone system and access to appointments.

  • Discrimination claims by hearing-impaired attendee at live concert who requested closed-captioning accommodations.

  • Claims for injunctive relief, damages and attorney fees in ADA case involving access to community college classrooms by students using wheelchairs.